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FRP Corrugated tile|fiberglass roof sheet

FRP lighting panels are similar in function to common glass and are mainly used for roof lighting.

1.They can have the same shape as wavy and profiled steel plates, and belong to glass fiber reinforced plastics.

2.It has good crushing resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, easy installation and other characteristics

3.The lighting of the product is astigmatic, with soft light and high transmittance, which can effectively block most ultraviolet rays.

4.The product belongs to flammable material. In case of fire, the smoke in the room can be discharged after rapid combustion, which can reduce fire casualties.

The product will not produce molten droplets during combustion, which can effectively protect the safety of on-site personnel

> Rich colors, durable
> Service temperature is -45°----+ 140°
>Fire retardance: Grade B1,and Sound insulation and Light weight
>Light transmittance rate up to 65%-90%,according to to different colors
>Ultraviolet ray filter rate: 99%,with ultraviolet-resestant co-extruded film on the surface
>Strong chemical resistance, strong self-cleaning, strong aging resistance, easy installation

Anti-corrosion type FRP board Flame Retardant FRP board High-transparent daylighting FRP board Weather Resistance Type FRP board
For the higher request of the anti-corrosion type industries Primary and secondary flame retardants can be provided as required General industrial and common building Industrial and civil buildings with high requirements, and areas with severe climatic conditions


Hundreds of waveforms for you to choose from


Color can be customized                                    

Thickness:0.5mm--3mm Length : 5.8m/11.8m or customized

Installation Method:

>FRP corrugated roof tile is paved on the
structural roof
> Lap a wave horizontally
Longitudinal overlap section
>Use special supporting installation
>The screw is tight and tight when fixing