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Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet

Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet

Langfang bonai  Honeycomb polycarbonate sheets are part of our Twin-wall, double-wall polycarbonate hollow sheet category.

Honeycomb Polycarbonate Sheet Profile Introduction

The basic structure of a Langfang bonai  Honeycomb polycarbonate twin-wall hollow sheet involves two layers of thin flat sheets which are connected by vertical ribs of the same material, though in the case of Honeycomb sheets, the thin flat sheets are interconnected with a mass hexagonal prismatic polycarbonate cells, mimicking that of a bee’s honeycomb.

Honeycomb Conjecture

Known in geometry as the honeycomb conjecture, equal sized cells are created between the partition while minimizing the total perimeter of the cells.  In other words, a hexagonal structure utilizes the least amount of material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume.

Thermal Insulation Properties

Honeycomb structures offer great same thermal insulation properties in that each cell acts as a separate chamber and individual layer to trap air within; the combined effect of the cells minimizes the transmission of heat, which makes the covered area more energy efficient.

A Great Alternative to Solid Flat Sheets

Its hollow structure makes the weight many times lighter compared to solid flat sheets at the same thickness, but retains the strength and structural integrity of polycarbonate sheets.

Main Benefits

• Great thermal insulation properties
• Lighter weight than solid panels
• Excellent rigidity and impact resistance
• Available with a variety of color and light transmission options
• Superior structural durability
• Weather and UV resistant
• Blocks virtually all UV radiation
• Easy to handle and install