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Polycarbonate solid board|Solid PC sheet

Solid Polycarbonate sheets are widely known for their properties required at large in industrial, commercial and residential applications. With the increasing use of Polycarbonate sheets, the available variety is also expanding. , LANGFANG BONAI EP TECH CO.,Ltd , offers the widest range of PC solid polycarbonate sheets.

The properties like UV-resistant, weather-resistant, high impact resistance, excellent light transmission, high heat-resistant, wide color range, lightweight, availability in large sizes, flame-retardant make it a preferred product for innovative applications across the range of manufacturing and business sectors including electrical and electronics, aerospace, transportation, building and construction, telecommunications, machines industries, material handling industry etc. Polycarbonate solid sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet price, solid polycarbonate sheet price, polycarbonate sheet solid

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Solid PC  sheets from LANGFANG BONAI EP TECH CO.,Ltd. are extruded from PC  resin giving them a combination of features that most other plastics can only dream of. These sheets are available in variety of profiles, surface textures and shades, PC Solid Sheets combine unbelievable strength, excellent clarity and designing flexibility along with other properties inherent to over the past decade.

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Whatever kind of requirements you have pertaining to solid polycarbonate sheets, Langfang bonai  is your best choice forever. We have proven capabilities and ever expanding world-class infrastructure with support for more than 500 reliable traders to supply the ordered Polycarbonate sheets on the time. Our customer service professionals are always available to help you choose the better suitable solid polycarbonate sheets for additional benefits. For pc solid sheet price just give a call or forward your enquiry to experience the difference Langfang bonai  is known for.

What are the Features of Solid  Polycarbonate Sheets?

High Impact Strength

PC solid sheets offer an extremely high impact resistance (upto 250 times that of glass and 30 times that of acrylic) making it virtually unbreakable. These are rated at an impact energy of >200Nm and qualify for the highest performance rating for security glazing as per various International standards. For Polycarbonate solid sheet price.


  • Sustainable products ensuring health and safety
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-fog
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate

Light Transmission


PC solid sheets allow 40%-90% (translucent or transparent) light transmission making it perfect for skylight/canopy application. These sheets made from UV-stabilized PC solid resin ensures that the light transmission can be maintained over many years even under direct sunlight.

Design Freedom


PC solid sheets can be installed with a curve under stress. The flexible sheets lend themselves to unique designing for various applications such as skylights, canopies, walkways, etc.

Fire Performance


A limited oxygen index of 25 makes PC solid sheets self extinguishing and non-propagating. These sheets have been given the highest rating for any thermoplastic glazing material by various regulatory bodies world over.

Weather ability


PC  solid sheets have proprietary UV protected surfaces giving excellent durability to outdoor weathering


What are the applications of PC  Solid Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Sheet is used as a significant component in the following items due to its numerous features:

           Aerospace Industry                                                                            Transportation Industry

           Electrical And Electronics Industry                                             Building And Construction Sector

           Telecommunications & Industrial Machines Industries      Machine Guards Industry

           Roof & Facade Glazing                                                                        Signage and Led Light Covers

           Sound Walls                                                                                            Exhibits And Displays


What are the benefits of PC  Solid Polycarbonate Sheets?

   Due to various properties, PC  Solid Polycarbonate Sheets inherit, it offers numerous benefits as given below:-

         UV-resistant                                                                                            Weather-resistant

          High impact resistance                                                                       Excellent light transmission

          High Heat-resistant                                                                              Available in wide color range

          Lightweight                                                                                              Sheets available in large sizes