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FRP corrugated sheet


RP corrugated sheets, also known as fiberglass reinforced plastic corrugated sheets, are a versatile and durable roofing material widely used in a variety of applications. Here are some of the product's key features, applications, and composition.

Características del producto:

  1. Lightweight: FRP corrugated sheets are much lighter than traditional roofing materials like metal and concrete. This makes them easy to handle and transport, reducing installation time and costs.
  2. Weather-resistant: FRP corrugated sheets are highly resistant to weathering and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.
  3. UV-resistant: The sheets are coated with a UV-resistant layer that prevents them from fading or discoloring over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  4. Fire-resistant: FRP corrugated sheets have excellent fire-resistant properties, making them ideal for use in areas with high fire risk.
  5. Easy to install: The sheets are easy to cut, drill, and install, making them an ideal choice for DIY projects.


Aplicaciones y funciones

  1. Agricultural buildings: FRP corrugated sheets are commonly used in agricultural buildings like barns and stables, providing a cost-effective and durable roofing solution.
  2. Industrial buildings: The sheets are also used in industrial buildings like factories and warehouses, providing a lightweight, weather-resistant, and fire-resistant roofing solution.
  3. Residential buildings: FRP corrugated sheets are also used in residential buildings like sheds, garages, and carports, providing an affordable and easy-to-install roofing option.                         

Product Composition:

FRP corrugated sheets are made up of three layers:

  1. Gelcoat layer: The outermost layer of the sheet is a gelcoat layer that provides UV protection and enhances the product's aesthetic appeal.
  2. Fiberglass layer: The middle layer of the sheet is a fiberglass layer that provides strength and durability.
  3. Resin layer: The innermost layer of the sheet is a resin layer that provides adhesion and further enhances the sheet's strength.

In conclusion, FRP corrugated sheets are an excellent roofing option for a wide range of applications, thanks to their lightweight, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy-to-install properties. Their composition of gelcoat, fiberglass, and resin layers ensures long-lasting performance and durability.


Property Detalles
Materiales:  high-quality resin+high-performance paint+high-quality glass fiber
Brand Langfang bonai
Largo 11.8m, 11.6m, 5.8m, 2.9m or customized
Ancho waveform or customization
Grueso 0.8mm - 2.0mm or customized
Color: transparent, blue, green, white, red, yellow or customized